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Recent status.

Midsummer of Japan is not accustomed to the feeling that the photography is very hot and humid. And in the room holiday. Such I was a review of the new (transitional) and camera film of the blog site. Recent so I started also “tumblr” I […]


小春 Koharu.

ここでは何回か投稿している小春。とても大切な愛猫。この時の小春はあまりにも真剣な表情。そこで私も真剣にRolleiflexで撮影。この写真はフィルムからスキャンしてほとんど手を加えていない。このRolleiflex 2.8C Planarのレンズはとても癖があるようだ。まだまだ使い慣れないけどとても楽しい。多分このカメラで一生撮り続けるだろう。 Here Koharu (小春) is you have posted several times. It is very important pet for us. Koharu because far too serious, I also tried to taken seriously. The camera shot in Rolleiflex 2.8C Planar. I have not tweaked by scanning from the […]


First post

WordPress will use for the first time. Although I think that takes a little time getting used to, please watch in the warm feeling. これからはじまる世界はどんなだろう。

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