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Summer atmosphere.

(in photography) the technique of deliberately obscuring part of the photograph with shadows. 真夏になろうとしています。 何か新しいことを初めてみませんか? ぼんやりとした未来がハッキリとしてくるときは嬉しいものです。 ROLLEIFLEX 2.8F Planar. ILFORD PAN F 50.

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Many people who are let loose from today. The feeling becomes the relaxation mode under the illuminations, too. ROLLEIFLEX 2.8C Planar. ILFORD fp4 plus 125. B / 50 seconds.

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Old things.

モノクロフィルムが昔の物になるのかは疑問だけど、ここ最近のフィルム高騰には驚かされます。ブローニーフィルム ( ILFORD FP4 125 ) 350円高くなって1本950円になってるし、現像液 ( ILFORD ID-11 1L ) 900円以上になってる!! 写真を趣味にするのも大変な時代になりました。 …とは言ってもローライフレックスで写真は撮り続けるンですけどね♪ A camera film of the monochrome becomes expensive in Japan. I cost one $ 8.00(¥950) with a 120 film of ILFORD. It is the times that are hardship that I take […]


Light crossing.

I set up Rolleiflex from a pedestrian bridge. I look at the car which comes and goes with pushing the shutter speed. A photograph according to image is copied. ROLLEIFLEX 2.8C Planar. ILFORD fp4 plus 125. B / 40 seconds.

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How is the sightseeing of Japan(Tokyo)? Japan is a very safe country, but the traffic of Tokyo is very complicated. Without forgetting a traffic map at the time of sightseeing! ROLLEIFLEX 2.8F Planar. ILFORD fp4 plus 125.

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