Old things.

rolleiflex2.8c, rolleiflex2.8c planar


モノクロフィルムが昔の物になるのかは疑問だけど、ここ最近のフィルム高騰には驚かされます。ブローニーフィルム ( ILFORD FP4 125 ) 350円高くなって1本950円になってるし、現像液 ( ILFORD ID-11 1L ) 900円以上になってる!! 写真を趣味にするのも大変な時代になりました。


A camera film of the monochrome becomes expensive in Japan. I cost one $ 8.00(¥950) with a 120 film of ILFORD. It is the times that are hardship that I take a photograph with an old camera. (>.<”
I continue taking the photograph in Rolleiflex even if I say so♪

ILFORD fp4 plus 125.

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Hello everyone! I am Japanese. Self-development and self-print using a film camera is a hobby. Use camera Rolleiflex 2.8C Planar Rolleiflex 2.8F Planar HASSELBLAD 500C / M & Planar T* f=80mm Leica M6 TTL & Summicron 50mm / f2.0 2nd Wordpress blog post is not all been Rolleiflex photography. My other sites. Flickr URL https://www.flickr.com/photos/rolleirollei/ tumblr URL http://rolleirollei.tumblr.com/ Let's enjoy your photography♪

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    • ローライが好きで写真撮ってるようなものですから ^^;

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