HI-LUX Brilliant Matte

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Maxwell screen HI-LUX Brilliant Matte

オーダーしたのはHI-LUX Brilliant Matte
Maxwell Precision Opticsへ1/7日にOrder Mailを送信して8日にはMaxwell Precision Opticsから返事が届いた。とても早い対応だと思う。

!!! These texts is a sample.

More than half of my business is international. Read below for descriptions of screens, current prices, payment and shipping options. My HI-LUX screens will look really beautiful in your Rolleiflex 2.8C (as well as being much, much brighter and easier to focus). If you own other Rollei cameras, I make my HI-LUX screens for the 6000 series, SL66 series, SLX, as well as all models of Rollei TLRs. I also provide my line of HI-LUX focus screens for an incredible variety of both modern and classic cameras of all different formats (35mm, Medium Format, Large Format, DSLRs, Medium Format Digital & Large Format Digital). Please feel free to forward this information to your friends. You may contact me at 1+・・・-・・・-・・・・ (mobile) with questions or to order:

Maxwell screenの販売(ビジネス)は過半数が国際販売です。価格や支払い方と配送方法などは下記載を読んでください。
2.8CにHI-LUXscreenを取付ければ美しく明るくなり撮影に集中できる。他のローライを所有しているのであれば… このような内容でMailは続きます
I make two HI-LUX screens for both the interchangeable hood Rollei TLRs as well as the earlier non-interchangeable hood Rollei TLRs (such as your Rolleiflex 2.8C). The screens for the interchangeable hood Rollei TLRs are user interchangeable and do not require any tools or adjustment (presuming that the camera is currently focusing correctly with the original factory screen). The screens for the non-interchangeable hood Rollei TLRs can be supplied either for installation by you or a technician. The self-install kit with materials and instructions is intended for people of above average mechanical ability. These screens are:

FやEだけでなく2.8Cの非互換フードスクリーンも作ります… このような内容でスクリーンの種類と価格へ
(1) HI-LUX Brilliant Matte – very bright, contrasty, high clarity, all matte screen – $255.00

(2) HI-LUX Micro/Split RF (Type II) – 4 mm diameter horizontal split image rangefinder in the center, surrounded by a 7 mm diameter microprism collar, surrounded by a bright matte field – $255.00

(1) HI-LUXプリリアントマット

(2) HI-LUXマイクロ/スピリットRF(Type2)
Line options for screens: All screens are available (a) without lines, (b) with vertical and horizontal crop lines for rectangular pictures – $10.00, (c) with grid lines – $10.00, or (d) the Rule of Thirds lines – $10.00. All of my products are made to order. Please allow us time to produce your screens.

(a) ラインなし
(b) 長方形の写真の為の垂直と水平切り取り線 – 10ドル
(c) グリッド線追加 – 10ドル
(d) サーズライン – 10ドル
製品はすべてオーダーメイドです。注文されたスクリーンを製造する為に時間をください… このような内容です
Payment can be made via PayPal or a major credit card. You may pay via PayPal to my PayPal account which ・・・・・・・・・・@・・・・・・.com. If you want to use a card, we will need your name as it appears on your card, card number, card expiration date, the V code number (the last three numbers on the back of your card, located in the white area where you sign your name), card billing address, shipping address and phone number. You may email your card information by dividing it into two separate emails sent at different times (for example, divide your card number in half) for purposes of security.

Your shipping options to Japan are:

(A) Express Mail (insured, can be tracked to your door, takes up to one week for delivery) for $52.00.

(B) Priority Mail (insured, can be tracked, takes up to two weeks for delivery) for $31.00.

Multiple screen orders are more expensive due to additional insurance. In addition to your shipping address, we will need a daytime phone number as well. Someone should be available during the day to sign for the package. We need your address in the following form to correctly fill out the shipping label:

Recipient Name
Daytime Phone
Company (if applicable)
Dept/Floor (if applicable)
State or Province
Postal Code

Thank you,

(A) スクリーンが届くまで1週間かかります – 52ドル
(B) スクリーンが届くまで2週間かかります – 31ドル
どちらも追跡コードがあります。出荷にあたり保険加入や配送先の住所を詳しく教えてください… のような文章です

Express Mailで1週間で出荷なのか1週間で到着なのか良くわかりませんが、メールの返事が届いて今日で1週間。
とりあえず待ちます ;)

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