I like gray.

rolleiflex2.8c planar


気分が落ち込んでいるのではないけれどグレー(灰色 / Gray)が好き。
黒よりも優しくて… 白よりも温かい…

ン〜 自己満足なんだけど…。

ILFORD fp4 plus 125.

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Hello everyone! I am Japanese. Self-development and self-print using a film camera is a hobby. Use camera. Rolleiflex 2.8C Planar. Rolleiflex 2.8F Planar. Leica M6 TTL & Summicron 50mm / f2.0 2nd. Wordpress blog post is not all been Rolleiflex photography. Introduce my other sites! Flickr URL. [ https://www.flickr.com/photos/rolleirollei/ ] tumblr URL. [ http://rolleirollei.tumblr.com/ ] Let's enjoy your photography♪

6 thoughts on “I like gray.”

    • Thank you! monokuro. Do not like Grey?
      In Japan we are called MONOKURO(モノクロ) that of B & W photos.
      Your ID monokuro!! more gray. Haha ~ ♪

      • I know :). I love B&W that’s why my “name” is monokuro. But “grey” is usually very flat and dull. B&W can have a very high contrast and can be very “lively” and “vivid”. Grey is usually not lively and not vivid :).

        • Well. Representation of black-and-white photograph is difficult. Also greatly affect preference of people to take pictures. Even if you think I “This photo is great!”, Is my picture taken will be completely different finish. Black and white people watching can imagine. Wind, sound, color, temperature. So I like. I to cheaper price! Thank you for your comment! monokuro :).

  1. Sachie says:


    祝ブログ新装開店 :-)

    • しばらく休んでましたからブログテーマず〜っと同じ^^; ドイツに住んでる方の紹介でWordpressを知りました。それから3年、ドイツに住むSachieさんと… なんだか不思議です。Rolleiがドイツだからですかね♪

      グレイはミステリアス… うん!その表現は素敵ですね。これからはミステリアスな写真を撮れたらいいなと思います。コメントありがとう :)

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